Rutgers staff accused of sexual misconduct by students in anonymous Google doc

10 separate incidents were listed

Rutgers University has appeared as the location of 10 separate reports of sexual misconduct on an anonymous Google Sheets document.

The spreadsheet was part of a survey which allows students to anonymously detail experiences of sexual harassment in academia.

The document includes the accusations of eight individuals who experienced sexual harassment in an academic setting on Rutgers University – New Brunswick campus. Two other individuals reported incidents on Newark campus.

One additional posting criticized Rutgers for allegedly hiring a past abuser of students.

Of those from Rutgers who came forward on the page, eight named their perpetrators as professors. Many of those accused doubled as advisors or mentors.

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Anonymous accusation against tenured Rutgers professor.

Perhaps the most concerning piece came in a column entitled "Institutional/Career Consequences for the Harasser (if any)".

Some comments from Rutgers contributors in this section include:

"none, none, none"

"None; he recently moved to a fancy Ivy League post"

"None. He has tenure, access to many women students, and a research account bigger than my salary."

"None whatsoever."

Few details exist of the individuals who came forward or of the accused and the Tab has chosen not to publish any identifying information about the accused as the allegations cannot be proven at this time.

The spreadsheet is the product of a crowdsourced survey created by Karen L. Kelsky, a former professor and author of the novel "The Professor Is In". It was launched on December 1, 2017.

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