Here are some DIY Holiday decoration ideas because you deserve to relax from Finals

Time to deck the halls

Don't let finals turn you into a Grinch. Whether you're finally done with your exams or still cramming for your last 8 a.m., it is important to relax your brain with some arts and crafts while spreading the holiday cheer. Here's a few easy and cute ideas that will upgrade any dorm room.

1) Even small Charlie Brown-style Christmas trees can brighten up the room with some battery-powered fairy lights. Simple, yet festive, a tiny Christmas tree is a perfect addition to my apartment.

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2) Christmas lights wrapped around tinsel transform into a makeshift "garland" that borders my tapestry. Cheap and easy to get, these decorations add some sparkle to my finals-induced all nighters.

3) What better way to recycle old notes and formula sheets than making paper snowflakes? Rather than throwing them out or burning them at the yule log, cut them into unique shapes, hang them on your window, and give your room a wintery vibe.

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4) Transform your old holiday socks into stockings full of candy by pinning them to a bulletin board (but make sure to wash those socks, otherwise, that would be gross, not festive).

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5) Last but not least, liven up your bedroom door by covering it in wrapping paper. With the paper as your canvas, paste whatever decorations you want on the surface and show off your crafting skills!

Good luck with decking the halls and may the new year bring you a 4.0 and a full night of rest!

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