Rutgers is increasing the minimum wage for all student workers

Truly a Christmas miracle

The minimum wage for student workers employed by Rutgers on all campuses will be increased from 8.44 dollars per hour to 11 dollars per hour, according to an email sent by Rutgers University President Barchi.

The raise will be effective as of January 1st, 2018 and According to the email, this raise is a 30 percent increase over the current hourly minimum for the state of New Jersey.

The email read;”This increase will be applied to all of our student workers, including students on federal work study. Barchi expressed his sympathy for the 13,000+ students that have to balance their on campus jobs and school work at the same time and hopes that this pay increase will be another form of financial assistance for students.”

Good job, Rutgers! Next stop can hopefully be decreasing our crippling post graduation debt…

Rutgers University