From the runway to Rutgers: What to wear around campus this winter

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t look cute… xoxo, the tab

Well, it looks like we are officially done with warm weather. The dorms have started to turn on the heat, people are grabbing their ‘frackets’ before leaving for parties, and everyone is breaking out their fall/winter wardrobes. This year, the top trends are much more bolder than usual. The colors are dramatic, the styles are eye-catching, and everything seems to scream “look at me” which isn’t a bad thing if you’re trying to make a fashion statement. Because the clothes we see on the runway are typically way too high fashion to bring onto campus without looking like an alien, I’ve decided to collect the trends that we can translate to school with a Forever21/ramen noodle type of budget. Here’s how to rock some of the most popular things on the runway this season around campus.

Off the shoulder, cut out pink shirt from Charlotte Russe. Comfy blue sweater from Aerie.



Retire your millennial pink and gen-z yellow. The color for this upcoming season is red, and it looks amazing on everybody. Red is known for drawing attention and being the ‘most attractive’ color for a person to wear. Oh, and if you forgot, you go to Rutgers… this color shouldn’t be that foreign to your wardrobe (and if it is, your lack of school spirit is embarrassing).


Another popular color this season is chocolate brown. Though it will not be as prominent as red, it’s a more reserved look and definitely will match anything you already have in your ‘fall’ wardrobe. For ladies who live and breathe a strictly black clothing selection, this is an easy way to retire your dreary clothes and transition to something a little different.


Maybe you can get a second usage out of the silver crop top you bought for that alien Halloween costume after all! Silver was another color seen all over the runways, and although it may not be convenient in our wardrobes, it’s something that if you’re looking to be up-to-date with trends you should definitely look into.


Some serious mermaid vibes with this color. Turquoise is so much fun and pairs well with cheetah prints and denim.




Bomber jackets are making a comeback. They’re EVERYWHERE (especially in Forever 21). Although they may not be durable enough for winters in Jersey, you can sport this look throughout November by layering it with a flannel (which is also super in right now).


I am totally living for this trend. Fur coats are dramatic and statement making, and go great with sweater dresses. Only the boldest of women will be caught wearing these, and to make it animal friendly please go faux. If you’re looking to purchase one, they are super affordable right now at Charlotte Russe and Forever 21.


Puffy jackets are BORING. Add a chunky belt to make it cuter.




I’m going to title this material “mesh” because it’s encompassing everything from sheer fabrics to fish-nets. Layering is super popular this season, and some of the best ways to rock this look includes wearing fish-nets underneath ripped skinny jeans, or mesh tops with statement-making bralettes. I’ve seen this material being worn mostly during nightlife around campus, specifically as a mesh top, skinny jeans, and heels. If you want to transition it to a more casual look, I’d say wear fish nets under skinny jeans with a cropped, off-the-shoulder sweater.


If you haven’t noticed by now, velvet has been making an appearance all over the place: dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes… This material is super comfortable and definitely dramatic. The only downfall is that when I wore a velvet body suit to a frat party, I was dying from heat because it wasn’t the most breathable material.


If you ask me, leather was never out of style, but apparently now it’s making a comeback in a big way. There has been a huge emphasis on leather pants and skirts, which you can find at H&M and Forever 21 for super cheap. If you want to channel your inner rocker chic now is the time it is 100% encouraged.


I am personally not here for denim skirts. I think they are unflattering and hideous and I’m happy it’s getting too cold for people to wear them. However, let’s as a community agree that distressed denim jackets are cuter than denim skirts, and make the most of layering ‘denim on denim’ with some light wash, ripped jeans…

Ripped, distressed jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch.


Don’t throw away your jeans with holes in them, or shirts that look like they’ve been dragged through hell and back, or leggings that look like you poked holes in them on purpose. These clothes are now fashion statements. Articles of clothing that look distressed are very popular right now, and also work well with the idea of ‘layering’ (example: bralettes under shirts with holes in them, flannels layered on top of ripped shirts). ‘Distressed’ also includes anything from cropped to off-the-shoulder (which are some of my absolute favorite styles), so have some fun this season showing some skin but also layering it right to stay warm.


This is something we all definitely have. Cozy, comfortable, and cute. On the runway, this look was taken to a new level (distressed and fringed and cut off and uneven), but if we’re being realistic, we can just settle like with a nice comfy sweater that goes great with a cup of coffee.


I mean, if I was going to rock this look I’d probably just wear it on my backpack or a pair of boots. But if you know you are an IT girl that can fearlessly pull off a fringed shirt, then please show us all how to do it. Because I honestly have no clue.




So the other day I ordered a pair of over-the-knee boots on Charlotte Russe. Online shopping has never been my strong point because I am very particular about my clothing, and when they come in looking completely different than what I expected I am never ‘pleasantly surprised’. Anyway, I was anticipating a pair of plain black over-the-knee boots only to open the box and find a sparkly surprise. Yes, they were SHIMMERING and my heart shattered into a million pieces because if I’d never be caught dead in sparkly Uggs, there’s no way I’d even try to incorporate these shoes into an outfit. But now sparkles are acceptable for 20 year olds, and because I was too lazy to return them maybe I’ll show them off in public.


Florals are something you’d think you’d leave behind in the spring and summer, but you don’t have to put them away just yet. Although I’d recommend darker tones of floral, this flowery pattern is grabbing attention in fall 2017.


It’s been described as “textured” and “organic” and “folk”, and is mainly displayed in sweaters. This look reminds me of ‘quirky’, ‘hipster’ looks, so if this is your thing now is the time to go for it.


The runway had a much more elegant approach for this look, but I can’t help but sense Jersey Shore Snooki vibes. Cheetah print has been very popular with fur coats and heels.


Clear boots, clear glasses, clear backpacks. I mean, if you want to try clear shirts and pants you can. I just don’t recommend it.



I am 100% here for sock boots. They look comfortable, effortless, and cute. I would personally pair them with cuffed jeans, oversized sweaters, and even mini dresses.


White is a super popular color among footwear right now. On campus, white converse are VERY popular. If you’re feeling daring, wearing white footwear (think Doc Martens) would make a bold statement.


Everyone owns these. That’s why I tried to get a pair. They are much more dramatic than the typical pair of boots, and I believe they really make a bold statement. Like I said before, fall 2017 is all about going for it. So get your most dramatic pair of boots and wear them proudly.


A couple of seasons ago, combat boots were extremely popular. Since then, they have never really gone away and continue to be a staple in fall and winter wardrobes. They look great with distressed jeans and leather jackets, but also can add edge to a comfy sweater and some leggings.




It is exactly what it sounds like: a bag that looks like a net, and was apparently popularized from farmer’s markets. According to Vogue, they’re super popular with celebrities and you can get one for $5 on Amazon. Who know grocery shopping would become glamorous?


They’re gorgeous and go well with any outfit. Even just a basic t-shirt and jeans will look ten times better if you compliment it with a pair of hoop earrings.


Replace your boring, solid scarves for something with personality! Don’t forget, the bolder the better. Try incorporating florals and patchy textures.

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