I’m a freshman and I ventured out to Cook Douglass for the first time

Out in the Boondocks

So here’s some background. I’m a city loving freshman who lives on College Ave and had never stepped foot on the Cook / Douglass campus (no offense to anyone who loves it, but the countryside isn’t really my thing). The hustle and bustle vibe College Ave gives off is the reason why I chose Rutgers in the first place, all my classes are here, and although Brower isn’t the finest dining spot, it has kept me alive, which is nice. I

haven’t had a reason to leave the College Ave until my roommate suggested we venture out, expand our horizons if you will. Join me as I take you through my day.

The commute:

The bus ride isn’t so bad. We took the F bus, which is apparently faster than the EE, but I wouldn’t know because riding the bus is a foreign concept to me. We passed a pond called Passion Puddle which my roommate was definitely too excited about. I was like, what’s so special about a puddle? I don’t care how “passionate” it is, the truth of the matter is its just water. My roommate said we should have a cute artsy picnic there one day, and truthfully I’d be down. Down to lay the food in an aesthetically pleasing order, snap an Instagram to enhance my ~oneness with nature~, and bring it back to the dorm room where the bugs and gutsy squirrels can’t cop a bite of my sub. Oh, and I will forever be haunted by the words “Please stand behind the white line while the bus is in motion”.

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Peace and quiet

The food:

The second I saw the promise land, or better known as the Harvest Café, I knew my life would be forever changed. I couldn’t fathom how ridiculously awesome the food was and it’s so healthy because the food nutrition building is right next to it and is in cahoots with the café. The room screams good vibes, it’s super colorful and bright. I don’t know why this place has been hidden from me but now I have to make up two months worth of missed Harvest Café trips.

Also my standards for food are heightened and of course I am surrounded by Brower goers.

The farm (?):

So I discovered that we have a farm at Rutgers and I was shook. First of all, there are real farm animals there. I’m talking horses and cows and haystacks. Since when is New Brunswick actually Hicksville? There’s geese poop everywhere and tons of flies, and maybe if I can get past the smell I’d enjoy the view of the trees changing color a tad more. The pigs were super cute but again the stench was just unbearable. People complain about the smell of pollution in the city but they don’t they consider the alternative? Animal waste. That is the alternative. I rest my case.

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Cute nuggets playing in their pens

The final verdict:

Cook / Douglass is scenic and all, but let’s face it…I’m a city girl at heart. And then there are those who are rural, nature lovers. But that’s the beauty of Rutgers; you can be in two places at once, you can escape to a different world when you feel the need to, and you can experience its versatility in full.

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