This student-run Instagram page is single-handedly saving Brower

RU sure Brower sucks? Think again

Editor's note: the individual interviewed for this article chose to remain anonymous in order to maintain the nature of the social media site they created.

An Instagram page, @rueatingthough , is literally saving us all and you have to see it.

The page was started to show students how to better utilize items available at the widely disliked Brower Dining Hall on College Ave. It displays gourmet meals prepared at Brower and provides details on how followers can recreate these meals.

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"I know how everyone's always saying 'Brower sucks' and how they hate the dining halls, so I created the account to show how much variety there really is to offer," the account's creator told The Tab.

The creator started the account after they noticed the trouble others were having with finding desirable options at Brower.

The account was created anonymously because the creator wanted to test how far they could develop a page of this type. With 748 followers and the respect of everyone who has stumbled upon it, @rueatingthough is not doing too bad.

"I always get positive feedback from students and even got reposted by the dining hall page. Students message me thanking me and even send me their own creations," the creator said.

Unfortunately, the account has not posted since last semester because although the account holder is always accepting guest swipes, they do not currently have a meal plan.

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Still, the existing posts are definitely worth a look. If you have recently found yourself in the Brower struggle, go check it out.

"I hope that @rueatingthough allows students to not feel miserable walking into the dining hall and seek guidance."

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