Joe Biden came to Rutgers and absolutely killed it

He FaceTimed someone’s mom to tell them he was proud of them

Joe Biden stood before 2,100 Rutgers students yesterday to share a dirty little secret. This secret, often swept under the rug at prestigious universities, is domestic and sexual violence on campus.

Biden has always been vocal about violence against women and children and that passion was embodied throughout his speech.

Biden expressed his concern with the campus culture that exists today. He explained the fear of parents dropping their children off at campus hoping that they will be safe, but the numbers don’t lie.

Joe Biden stops to take a selfie with fans

Joe Biden stops to take a selfie with fans

Approximately one-in-five women will experience domestic or sexual violence while on-campus. The likelihood of violence increasing with individuals who identify with the LGBT community.

This doesn’t just happen at Rutgers, domestic and sexual violence is a prominent issue on campuses across the country. In fact, Biden expressed his pride in Rutgers University stating that the “university has done something many others haven’t done” by speaking out against violence and not treating the issue as a “dirty little secret.”

It all begins with starting the conversation. This month, Rutgers University has been dedicated to bringing awareness to domestic and sexual violence on campus. Whether it was wearing purple to demonstrate support or attending the It’s On Us event featuring Joe Biden, these acts are bringing the issue into light. Prior to Biden taking the stage, a number of strong Rutgers students shared their experience with domestic and sexual violence on-campus.

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Their accounts were heart-wrenching but their strength and ability to speak out against the violence is stimulating change within the campus culture.

Joe Biden intends to reshape the culture and assure that all college students feel safe while on-campus. It is not acceptable to tolerate and enable acts of domestic and sexual violence.

As Rutgers students it is our responsibility to bring that change onto our campus. It is our job to speak-out, support and advocate a message that needs to be heard. Biden is confident that together we can change the culture, and here at Rutgers, we have already began to do just that.

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After his speech, Biden chilled with the crowd of assembled students. He hugged, gave personal messages and even FaceTimed with students parents. According to one student in the crowd:"Biden's speech was so empowering. It's nice to know we are doing something right at Rutgers."

The Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance (VPVA), who hosted the event, is a Rutgers organization geared towards helping those who are victim to acts of domestic and sexual violence.

Someone is available 24/7 to speak to at 848-932-1181. Visit VPVA's website at or reach them through e-mail at [email protected]

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