There’s a hero local feeding hungry RU students with free pizza

He also gives pies to the homeless

Bill Clark, a member of the Rutgers University Class of 2018 Facebook group, posted an offer of free pizza on October 2nd.

The original post that started it all.

The original post that started it all.

Clark, a man determined to help the community in any way possible, had been giving away leftover pizzas that would have otherwise been thrown out to the homeless in order to give back to those who need it. For years, he has been helping out these people who do not have much to their name and considering how poverish parts of New Brunswick can be, it is an admirable act.

Although the offer of free pizza may be unbelievable, comments have been posted to prove its credibility.

Given how many slices he's given college students over the course of a few days, it's incredible to imagine how many homeless people he's helped over the course of a few years.

Bill Clark, you are most certainly a hero in our eyes.

Rutgers University