The best classes to pick if you need an easy 4.0

You can sleep through them and still pass

Rutgers classes can be difficult, especially to newcomers. However, every student has room in their schedules for a couple easy classes that you take simply to fulfill a credit requirement. Whether it's a random elective or an intro class, these classes are the ones every student should keep an eye on when they need a filler class to boost their GPA.

Dance Appreciation

This no longer is a core requirement, but this class deserves a mention because of how famous it is. This class is taken by students from all majors and it is an introduction to the world of dance as an art form. Students will learn about all types of dance, will learn the history behind it. Be careful though, don't be like the Rutgers quarterback who failed this class which forced the coach to intervene.

Students in Transition

This class is required for every transfer student in Rutgers. It is a pass/fail one credit course, where transfer students learn about the things Rutgers has to offer to make their transition smooth. This class is very easy, and all you have to do is show up and do an assignment every now and then. The best thing about this class, is it doesn't last the whole semester, so just do what the professor says, and you'll pass.

Intro to Art History

This class is an introduction to the art of Western Europe from all areas like Ancient Egypt, Holy Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, etc. This class fulfills a History requirement that's needed for a lot of students.

Theater Appreciation

Another appreciation class, but it involves theater this time. In this class you study the art of theater and its history. Students also are required to go to a theater event in New York City, and experience what they study first hand. And it's a great place to start for students who are considering a major or minor in theater.

Creative Writing

Rutgers has on;ly recently made Creative Writing into a minor. This has opened up an entire slew of options for people who want to explore new mediums of writing. The 101 class is an pretty easygoing. It largely consits of students working independently on their own ideas. It's also an opportunity to learn about new and unorthodox writing techniques.

Whether you are taking a class that has nothing to do with your major or just taking a class to fulfill a certain amount of credits for a semester, the most important thing about these classes is attendance and participation. If those two things are present, with a little bit of effort, you will pass. If these classes aren't doing it for you, check out these other options.

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