The Starbucks truck is taking meal swipes and we feel GOOD

No more Brower coffee for me

Just in case you needed a little pick-me-up this hump day, the Rutgers Starbucks Truck announced on Twitter this week that they will now accept meal swipes.

Naturally, students are really excited.

"I think this is a great idea and can't wait to start swiping at the truck!" said Casey Veit, Rutgers senior and Starbucks frequenter.

According to Rutgers Dining Services, swipes at the Starbucks truck will hold the same value as those used in cafes. Until 10:30am, meal swipes will hold the value of 7 dollars. After that time, swipes will be valued at 9 dollars.

Onward Scarlet Knights, go waste those swipes on fraps and fancy pastries you couldn't otherwise afford.

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