RU athletics confirms the Alley isn’t coming back any time soon

We’re sad too

After rigorous effort by different student organizations, The Alley will not be coming back.

In the start of the 2016 Rutgers football season, the university welcomed The Alley to bring students together. After just two games, The Alley was quickly shut down. The official announcement was stated through the Rutgers Athletic twitter account.

Organizations including the Panhellenic Association, the Interfraternity Council and the Riot Squad collaborated but their efforts were not enough to bring back The Alley.

“We met multiple times with the Athletic Department and the administration to try and find a promising solution but a solution could not be found and unfortunately, ‘The Alley’ will not be back for this season or the foreseeable future,” said William Cundiff according to The Daily Targum.

Athletic director Pat Hobbs said that a front-loaded season met that there wasn't adequate time to assess the health and safety concerns associated with re-opening the Alley.

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