‘Rutger colege is the only real news paeg for rutger students’ – We talked to the admin of meme page Rutger colege

All we know about them is that they can’t spell

In a college full of anxious teens, Rutgers has no shortage of edgy memes and meme lords to help make our complicated lives as students more bearable. Amongst one of the better-known meme pages for Rutgers is “Rutger colege.” It is a page that meme-ifies current events happening both on campus and in the world using its own style – photoshopped images and perpetually (purposely) incorrect spelling. As of publishing of this article, it has 4,456 likes on Facebook and an adoring fanbase. We interviewed the creator of Rutger colege on the condition that they maintained their anonymity.

All answers have been reproduced in their original, badly spelled form to preserve the magic of Rutger colege.

So for starters, how do u pronounce Rutger colege?

rut-ger col-ij however, rut-ger col-egg is also acceptable.

A lot of my friends call it Rutger coll-egg-ee.

your friends “R” wrong.

True! How long has this page been running for?

since 7166 ad as colege, since 2013 as fb page.

And how many people run the Fb page?
one person doing the holy work of the ghost of harry rutger.

Is the person doing the holy work a current rutgers student?
an agent of harry rutger himself.

Is that a yes?
Use ur brain and expensive rutger education smartypans.

So what will happen when you graduate? Are you gonna pass the torch onto someone else?
I will live foreverr- harry rutger
Do your friends know that you run the page? Or is it completely a secret from everyone?
as secret as the ingredients in bowrer commons soup.

Good answer. Why did you want to start a rutgers-specific meme page?
rutger colege is the only real news paeg for rutger students. better than “targum” + “tab”. the odysessy online is *****high quality **** but still not as good. i start it becus i love rutger. i love harry rutger. i love football.

To learn what’s happening at Rutgers, I always check out Rutger colege for all my news needs.
why dont u check the tab? u work for them.

Write* not work for them.
write is work. but however you want to spell it.

Anyways, Rutger colege has merchandise now and for some time you said you were interested in having a show? How is that all working out?
no merchandize hav oficially been sold so if U see anything for sale it is Fake !

however, i would like to have a show however no venues. i try to talk to demarest hall, name of former rutger president billy demarest, becus they have a nice basement but no word.

Do you have any other plans in the upcoming future for Rutger colege? Aside from the show?
continue to produce qualitee news.

What is the meme or qualitee news you feel proudest of creating and publishing?
thats a tough 1. informing the students of the new lx route. i liked that 1.

That was a really good one, I must admit.

Do you see yourself as a troll?
no, i resent the label.

Okay. Where do you get your meme-spiration from?
– the internet
– my friends
– the writings and teachings of our lord and saviour harry rutger
– just seeing things happen in the news / everyday at rutger tbh
sometimes u r walking down the street + u just see something ridiculous !

So not Henry Rutgers, harry rutger?
i dont kno any henry rutgers. is that 2 ppl? i know harry rutger, admrial and foundler of rutger colege
and i kno henry rutger, his son. pural: henry rutger(s)

I’m glad you’re so well versed and well informed of Rutgers history. What’s one thing you want people to know about your qualitee news page that you can’t convey through your memes or news?
im glad too. i think i woud tell ppl its good to b informed, its good to kno the news, but u dont need to b in evry cause. u dont need an opinion on everything. theres a lot of pressure on ppl these days

to think a certain way and to take a stand on every single thing but th reality is there is a limit to the amount of time we have here. u can become rly good at something, kno a lot about it and contribute that way. and respect that others kno more than u about other things or u can be over involved and u will be talking out ur ass. it is ok to take a step bak.

if i regret 1 thing its that i criticized a lot of the university administration policies without RLY knowing that much about them. not to say the university is beyond criticism, but i realize now it is ok to leave that work to ppl who know what they r doing. i dont need to b involved.

Nice words to conclude this interview with. Thanks again Rutger colege! Keep producing qualitee content, the Tab loves you.
thX u joannie malnowskitz. i lov clickbait too. have a gr8 day

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