Awards all Rutgers students deserve

Consider this your honorable mention

Squeezed into the Rutgers bus even though you didn’t fit behind the white line

Hey, it’s everyone else’s fault for not moving in.

Survived bite night

The real wonder is how relatable this will be after the healthy food revamp at takeout.

Made ratio

Plain and simple.

Made it through a bus ride without making eye contact

It’s actually really difficult considering when you look up, there is always someone staring at you.

Waited 30 minutes for a Weekend Bus only for it to go out of service

Will we ever get the bus schedule we deserve, and the one we clearly all want?

Apologized when someone walked into you

They told you not to worry about it

Woke up to the sound of sirens because your roommate set off the fire alarm

Apparently, her midnight mac n’ cheese was more important than my 8 a.m. orgo lecture

Got lost on Busch

The real prize was finding Woody’s.

Was 50+ minutes late to a morning class

Still got those attendance points though. 

Submitted a paper a minute before it was due

Or submitted it a minute late and frantically emailed your professor with a made up excuse, whatever works.

 Dragged yourself to your 8:10 lecture hall class just to sleep through it

A.k.a every morning class I’ve ever taken.

Had ice cream every day when you first arrived at college

The freshman 15 is real and comes in flavors of chocolate and vanilla.

Lost your ID or keys during your first semester of college

Tbh, I lose my keys at least twice per semester.

Avoided people tabling at all costs

Because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Using more meal swipes the last couple days that you can than you did the entire semester

At least I’ll be ready for the zombie apocalypse, right?

Rutgers University