We need a Bus Stand on the Scott Hall stop and we need it now

They say old is gold, I say bring back the old

Rutgers inaugurated some beautiful new buildings last semester. The Yard was one of them. Before it opened, the buses used to stop a little before the construction area. There was a small bus stand with a cover on the top and the sides. It also used to have a small electronic display for the timings of buses real-time. It wasn’t of any value back then. Nobody cared it existed. Unless the day it was taken away from them.

When Rutgers inaugurated the Yard, it moved the stopping point for buses in front of it. How convenient for its residents, right? Then, they did a horrible thing of taking out the physical bus stand. It was summer and sunny. No one cared it vanished. We were hot anyways with all the direct sunlight burning up our skins. Nobody needed a shelter underneath the teeny-tiny bus stand. Everyone was happy hanging around with friends or listening to music while waiting casually for the bus.

Then came the winter. And it brought it’s evil cousins – snow and cold winds with it. Sometimes the would ask their cousin rain to also come visit. All of these seem great or beautiful or whatever when inside the comfort zone of your house. But when you got to go to classes, they are the worst enemies. Waiting at the Yard in the snow/rain/winds without a bus stand is just plainly uncomfortable and depressing. There is nowhere to hide. You either get all wet or so cold you can’t feel your fingers while using the phone. With every passing minute, it feels like the strong winds is going to cut your face in half. The old bus stand used to be a boon in disguise in such days. Now, all we can do is standing near the Starbucks or Krispy Pizza like a poor homeless person.

It is a hardship in disguise, one that should go away. We want a bus stand like the ones on SAC, Livingston Plaza or at least the one that used to be there in the times before The Yard.

Rutgers University