Rutgers is one of the fastest growing sugar baby colleges in America

Your dreams of finding a hunny with money are here

Tuition has been on the rise for the Rutgers student. It isn’t easy if you’re spending money on┬árenting textbooks and eating on Easton every time you’re drunk. We’re the absolute worst at saving money and it’s hard to imagine all the debt we’ll be paying after graduation. All sorts of financial aid are welcomed, even if it requires some legwork.

Students across the country use this site, Seeking Arrangement, to get paid to go on dates.

377 Rutgers students are registered on this site, making it the 46th most active “sugar baby” college in America.

Founder of the Seeking Arrangement, Brandon Wade said, “Every successful relationship is an arrangement between two parties… romantic relationships can only work if two people agree on what they expect, and what they can give and receive from each other.”

The site claims, “college students make up a large portion of SeekingArrangement. These members share a very specific goal: graduating college debt-free.”

Sugar babies can also be paid with expensive dinners, exotic trips, and allowances.

Young, ambitious, and beautiful women who are broke are the ideal group for the site. College students nearly fit this.

If Financial Aid isn’t aiding your situation at all, just know there are bigger opportunities in other places.

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