The people who do everything except study at the library

Your cow-like chewing is interfering with my studies

As a designated area where all are welcome to study or quietly watch Netflix, the only important rule in a library is to make minimal noise. However, there are those who do not adhere to such rules no matter how heavily they are shushed. Maybe it’s their form of rebellion, or maybe they’re unaware of their annoying habits. Either way, these are all the people you’ll run into at the libraries that manage to do everything except study.

People who chew too loud


I love eating easily enjoyable snacks like apples or maybe popcorn as I cram for an exam or finish a paper. I think everyone deserves comfort food in times of stress. But what I don’t understand is when someone eats obnoxiously. The last thing I want is to hear you chewing your food. There isn’t a race on who can eat the loudest, so ease up on the chewing.

People who talk too loud

They may not realize how loud they are talking, but if I can hear you from two tables away, lower your damn voice. There is a reason why there are indoor and outdoor voices – a basic thing we all learned in elementary school.

The ones with their music on full blast

I understand that your earphones are in your ear, but if you have your music on full blast, there is a 104% chance that everyone else can hear you. Regardless whether you have nice taste in music or not, earphones were made to suit an individual, not a whole room of students. If that was the case, they would be called speakers, not earphones.

Also, you might want to worry about potential ear damage, if your music is that loud.

The sleeping beauties


Go home and sleep on a comfortable bed. Or if you’re feeling spunky, you can do what this girl did and bring a mattress to your local library.

That person who types like it’s a game of ‘Hungry, Hungry Hippo’


Every key you press, the ground shakes. You sound like a jackhammer, trying to get through concrete. Seriously, chill out. You’re still going to be able to type your essay even if you don’t press as hard on the keys.

The couple in the corner

Just because you’re in a corner, doesn’t mean we can’t see you. Nobody wants to see you eating each other’s faces. Get a room that doesn’t belong to a library.

People who use chairs as seats for their bags

Oh really? Is that the intended purpose of a chair, and I just didn’t get the memo?

Rutgers University