Brace yourself commuters: Winter is coming

The dreaded season is upon us

Tis’ the season to be miserable as we Rutgers Commuters have to get up earlier, leave earlier, do practically everything earlier so that we do not get caught in the winter mayhem that is commuting to Rutgers in the cold, snow, hail, rain etc.

The cold

Everyone knows what it’s like to drive in the cold: you have to heat up your car and clean off your windshields and windows. You have to play with the defogger so you don’t freeze but can also see when you drive because accidents are just not that fun. It can sometimes be an epic disaster, especially when you’re trying to make that 8:00 a.m. class on time. And waking up late? That is a no-can-do once winter starts because there is no way to half-ass any of those things. You need to see out your windows and you need to not contract frostbite while you drive. Preparing for the everyday trek of New Jersey’s bitter cold is just one of the many common commuter winter problems that we Rutgers commuters have.


The snow

Snow. The thing that threatens to destroy us all this time every season. You know it’s coming, you can’t stop it, and there’s nothing you can do to save yourself from the impact it is going to have on your commute for the day(s)/week(s). And we all know how frustrating it is for us to wait for that email that says that classes have been canceled. You have to get up extra early, to leave early, to park, to get on the bus, to make your class, which means that you could be in the middle of any one of those things when that email comes through. Is there any consideration for us commuters during the winter time? Hardly. How many times have you had anxiety over the “judgment call” that you have to make over skipping a class that you know you can’t skip, because it just might be too dangerous to drive in today and they haven’t made the call to cancel, yet? Sometimes it works out in your favor and you get that wonderful email later on, but sometimes, you have to take a hit with the absences in order to not die in the snow covered streets of New Brunswick.


The buses

The worst part about commuting in the winter is the buses. Not only do we have to schlep ourselves and all our crap from our homes to Rutgers, but now we have to get in a jam-packed bus and trudge through the bad weather and the freezing cold to get to our classes while the buses drive at a snail’s pace. Between our own drive and then the buses, it feels like our destination is never achievable. How many times have you found yourself running through the ice and snow, almost slipping and breaking your neck from the parking lot, to get on that bus you desperately need to get on? At least once every semester? Us too. After everything that we had just gone through getting ourselves ready, our cars ready, driving through tough conditions, and finally making it to school, safely and parked, this is just the last straw.

Nothing about commuting to Rutgers in the winter months is desirable. It is the most annoying and frustrating experience you will have all school year, every school year, and the worst part about it is that it lasts almost every day and every week until spring decides to rear its head. Stock up on coffee and alcohol, because you’re going to need it in bulk this winter.

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