Rutgers professor forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation after tweeting about Trump

The RUPD received a student complaint and the NYPD took him in an ambulance to the hospital

Kevin Allred, professor of the Women’s and Gender Studies course “Politicizing Beyonce”, was forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation Tuesday night after a string of anti-Trump tweets and comments.

The RUPD received a complaint from a student which said he “made threats to kill white people and he was subsequently taken to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation.”


According to NY Daily News, “Rutgers spokesman Jeffrey Tolvin, in a statement, said that ‘the Rutgers University Police Department responded to a complaint from a student and took all appropriate action. We have no further comment.'”

The tweet, which has since been deleted as a result of Allred being blocked from Twitter, read something along the lines of a tweet he posted shortly after being released from the hospital:


Allred states that it was only a rhetorical question to prove his point about gun violence and not an actual threat.

Allred was taken into NYPD custody and escorted from his Brooklyn home to Bellevue Hospital by ambulance. The NYPD stated that Rutgers officials had tried to contact him in the past but to no avail.“I have no record of them trying to call me or an email from them,” said Allred. Upon arriving, doctors were confused as to why he was there. He ultimately spent two hours in the hospital before being released.

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