Meet the RU sophomore who beat the fat sandwich challenge

She finished 3 fat sandwiches in just under 42 minutes

As of Thursday September 8th, a new Rutgers legend was born. Sophomore Emily Szpak beat the RU Hungry fat sandwich challenge, consuming three fat sandwiches in just 42 minutes.

It may come as a surprise but Emily doesn’t have the past of a food eating champion. As a matter of fact, she’s a nutrition major who is typically a very healthy eater.

“I didn’t train or anything. I was drunk,” she said. Emily likes to emphasize she’s a normal girl, but apparently some of her friends just can’t accept that.

“I’ve been called a legend multiple times. Every time a friend introduces me they say ‘she’s the fat sandwich girl.’
Sorry Em, this is what happens when you make Rutgers history.

When her friends originally egged her on to try it, she thought the challenge was to eat 5. After finding out it was only 3 for girls, she said it seemed even more possible.

Still, the night wasn’t perfect.

“I ate two fat Darrells and one fat Mojo. After I ate one and a half I was like — I can’t do this.”

Of course, she was so kindly reminded that it would be 40 dollars if she didn’t finish. So, she did. Unfortunately she threw up almost immediately after.

“I was definitely super bloated after that. The next morning, the only reason I wasn’t bloated was because I threw up more.”

Unfortunately, this was probably the beginning and end of Szpak’s food career.

“I don’t think I would ever do another again. I’m satisfied with myself.” And so is her mom.

“My mom is actually super proud of me. She was like it’s incredible — you have crowds cheering for you. She said I should focus on some academic accomplishments now.”

Sometime in the next week, Emily’s picture will go up and her perfect fat sandwich will be sold. It’ll be chicken fingers, french fries, bacon, lettuce, tomato and ranch.

Whether she herself will try the Fat Szpak is very much up in the air.

“I keep saying I can’t eat one again, but it’ll just take a while.”

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