The Rutgers senior bucket list

AKA the fear that senior year is here

Say hello to the last year of this Rutgers life we have come to love. To my fellow rising seniors, this is the year everything changes. We thought we were adults before, but this year is where we have no choice but to grow up. However, do not forget that this is the last year we can use the excuse, “I’m in college.” Don’t take this one of a kind place we all cherish for granted. Remember this feeling of sadness for your older friends who are graduating now, because this time next year it will be even worse… and it will be you.

As junior year comes to a close, think about the past three years, all that you’ve done, all that you’ve seen, whether you haven’t seen enough – or seen too much. Think about all the things you need to accomplish, you need to do, and take advantage of this final year at this magical place we call home. It is essential to immerse yourself in everything you love about Rutgers for this entire year. Don’t’ have any regrets! And with that, I leave you with a Rutgers Senior Year Bucket List.


  1. Get a 4.0 at least one semester (It has to be possible).
  1. Successfully sing Karaoke at Golden Rail (Wednesdays and Sunday nights people).


  1. Get a Queens VIP Card (No one enjoys the line).


  1. Get a Fat Sandwich named after you by completing the challenge at the Grease Trucks (I can barely eat one).


  1. Actually walk to Scott Hall from the Student Center (walking takes seven minutes, bussing takes one minute … trust me I’ve timed it).
  1. Make it through all four quarters of a football game (instead of just getting chicken fingers and leaving).


  1. Successfully explain to your parents what Greek Life is (Mom, please stop calling it Five Sig).


  1. Make it to the gym a couple times a week (that’s a stretch … no pun intended).
  1. Drink an entire fishbowl all to yourself at Stuff Yer Face (sharing is not caring anymore).
  1. Walk through those gates by Old Queens on College Ave that they made you walk around on your Rutgers college tour (I’m pretty sure we all forgot the myth behind this … but walk through anyway, I’m sure it’s a great story).


  1. Have a significant other to walk around Passion Puddle three times with (if not, jump in it).
  1. Find your freshman year roommate and hang out with him/her one more time (if you’re still friends, good for you).
  1. Become friends with Eli from RU Grill (He’s a sweetheart).
  1. Have a Brower Omelet (I used to hear stories about the Brower omelet line while I was still in high school).
  1. Get a job after graduation.
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