The boys of 73 Huntington might have thrown their last dage ever

And we are all devastated

For the past two years, 73 Huntington has been the mecca for Rutgers dages.  The off-campus house is home to a group of eight seniors notoriously known to throw probably the biggest day-drinking parties at RU. But, this Monday’s dage might have been the last party the boys of 73 will ever throw.

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The rager came to a premature end on Monday afternoon when the backyard porch collapsed after a fight ensued. The residents of the house who were fined with a noise violation and for a ‘loud party,’ are now trying to save their house through a GoFundMe campaign.

The guys are hoping to raise $2,000 to pay for their tickets along with the cost to repair their porch.

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The campaign has already raised $330 since Monday, but the guys recently learned they may be in deeper trouble than they originally thought.

Chris Sierra, a senior and business major who lives in the house said: “We spoke to our landlord today and he said there is no shot we’re getting our security deposit back and that we should expect to pay $15,000 in fines.”

The residents said they put down $6,500 for their deposit when they first signed their lease.

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Alex L, another resident added: “We’ve been throwing epic dages for years and now we’re asking if people can please donate anything they can just to help us out.”

You can donate to #Save73Huntington here.




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