Yes, I’m a psychology major, but that doesn’t mean that I’m ‘undecided’ in life

Save your condescending remarks, we Psych majors have already heard it all

With choosing any major, there inevitably comes a slew of stereotypes along with making that decision. But any Psychology major can attest to the fact that most of the time the stigmas behind our choice of major seem endless. We constantly get slack about not having a “real major”, or about not being smart or disciplined enough to major in a “real science”. Constantly hearing these ignorant statements is exactly why it’s time to show the world that majoring in Psychology by no means shows that you have an undecided path in life.

As a Psychology major myself, I know the kinds of slack that we Psych majors all receive, which seems to happen on pretty much a daily basis. From getting into heated debates about the importance of the study of Psychology, to having to constantly justify that Psychology IS a real science and a degree in its discipline is a REAL degree – the criticism never ends.

Psych critics are always trying to discredit us, asking us what we plan on doing with that degree? Or, ┬áif by studying something like Psychology we are just going to school to “enjoy” ourselves? You see, usually an amazingly sarcastic answer would be given to these critic’s pathetic efforts on bringing us psych majors down, but there’s really no need. We Psych majors already know pretty much everything about the kind of people you critics are, and, with a little help from Freud, we probably know you better than you know yourselves.

Despite any sarcastic remarks made, we are again asked what we plan on doing with our degree? Well, I’ll tell you. We plan to devote the rest of our lives to understanding those individuals who everyday feel that they are misunderstood, overlooked, and worthless. We plan to do something that you critics could never do, and that is to unbiasedly help these people understand and recover from their mental disorders and diseases, instead of contributing to them by making comments much like yours. So thus, if you must condescendingly ask again, we psych majors plan on taking the hundreds of hours of study, research, and real-life experimentation we’ve completed to earn our REAL degrees and accomplish things that you simply could not do.

Now, although we can not read minds – and were never able to for that matter- we can indeed attest to psycho-analyzing people from time to time. We can not tell what you are thinking at a glance anymore than you can, but what we can do is tell you what those thoughts mean and how they effect your entire physiology. And although you will never recieve any free therapy from us, we encourage you to never ‘watch what you say’ around us, and to always speak your mind without condescension.

But, if you must choose the path of condescendence don’t worry, we Psych majors have heard it all before, so your unoriginality does not effect us. And don’t you sweat about what our paths in life for ourselves may be, because we have it all figured out, thanks for your concern though.

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