RUSA passes resolution for members to undergo sexual misconduct training

The course aims to educate students in handling situations of sexual or interpersonal misconduct

Rutgers University Student Assembly passed a bill that requires its members to go through mandatory sexual assault training under Title IX. Under Title IX, the mandate prohibits “discrimination on the basis of sex in all education programs.”


The bill, that will go into effect in April, stipulates that all students involved in RUSA are required to undergo an hour long training process that will be run by the Office of Student Affairs Compliance.

Students Margaux Taylor, Mohamed Asker, and Natalie Settimo created the bill with the assistance of a Title IX coordinator. The bill was passed February 11, but will be effective after RUSA student body elections.  According to an article by The Daily Targum, the training “covers definitions of various interpersonal and sexual misconduct violations, including but not limited to sexual assault, sexual harassment, interpersonal violence and stalking.”

According to a Rutgers iSpeak survey, one in five women experience sexual assault in college and 24 per cent of women experience sexual assault before entering college.

Although the bill only affects RUSA members, there is speculation on whether this mandate will be required for all student organizations.

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