Tacoria on Easton Ave set to open at end of February

Where San Fran meets New Bruns

Rutgers alum, Vishal “Sean” Patel, and his business partners wanted to bring the  unique cooking style from San Francisco to a overwhelmingly-popular food industry, Mexican food.

Tacoria has an mouth-watering menu, cozy seating, outdoor patio, and banging food. The menu will consist of  burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and nachos, which are projected to be one of the best items on the menu, according to the kitchen manager, Franco.

The nachos pictured below are house-made tortilla chips, black beans, sour cream, char broiled raja peppers and corn, and of course, house-made guac! All of the ingredients are prepared the day of.


Patel and his partners are “designers at heart” and have spent three years researching different elements of design and cuisine.The concept, design, and menu of Tacoria, as Patel explained, came from their travels to San Francisco and Mexico.

Just to put into perspective on the design efforts, the wood took over six weeks to decide on. We’re not just talking the fake wood made into of the chairs and desks we’ve all come accustom to in the dorms, this wood is over 150 years old, adding to the warm ambiance


The front doors completely open up to welcome the Rutgers and New Brunswick community in and the music, atmosphere, and of course, the food, will definitely keep people coming back.

The colors and design patterns they use in compliment each other well. “The design is antique, but the food is fresh,” Patel said and he is not lying. The nachos i had were the best nachos I’ve EVER had. And I don’t play when I comes to nachos.

IMG_5918 (2)

The Tacoria team is also working on having a liquor license for a bar on the outdoor patio. Yes, one more bar to add to the epic bar-hopping scene here in New Brunswick.

The name Tacoria came from the authentic word, taqueria, which means a Mexican restaurant specializing in tacos, but changed it to the name “Tacoria,” to emphasize the best word in the world, taco.


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