What happened when Milo Yiannopoulos came to Rutgers

The crowd chanted ‘Trump’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ during his speech

Controversial journalist Milo Yiannopoulos spoke to a sold-out audience last night in Scott Hall, and as expected was filled with Trump fans, Men’s Rights Activists and Black Lives Matter activists.

His talk, which drew crowds and huge lines all the way across campus, ended in a Black Lives Matter protest in front of the building. 


But Milo said: “The protests are disappointing, by the way. Is there anyone here who hates me?”

He went on: “Anyone who put their hands up, you’re idiots if you believe women get paid less than men, or if you believe rape culture exists.”


Protesters covered themselves in paint and left mid-speech


In his scandalous talk he compared the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK, and called Rutgers “Hitler’s Austrian art college”.

The mostly male crowd chanted “Trump” to Black Lives Matter protesters and also shouted out during the talk, saying “lesbians aren’t real”, “freedom”, “america”, “you aint gonna take my guns” and, bizarrely, “Tumblr isn’t a credible source”. 

Halfway through the event Black Lives Matter protesters daubed their faces in red paint and left the talk to jeers and chants of “Trump”. One man, dressed in a mask and a Bush t-shirt, shouted “sit down boy” to a black student.

Milo talked about the “fake” rape crisis on campus and told us: “There’s one respect in which the campus rape crisis is real. The one real rape crisis is the lesbian rape crisis”, claiming women who report sexual assault are usually lesbians. 

Here’s some other controversial views Milo chose to share with us last night: 

  • On Black Lives Matter: “It’s valid to believe that black people are owed something. It’s possible to believe that and believe that Black Lives Matter is not the answer. Black communities should stop voting democrats into local governments. Obama has done nothing for black people” 
  • On safe spaces: “There is a safe space in America, it’s called the United States.” “Keep your head down and get a good education because university is now a hostile environment”
  • On trans* issues: “Transition therapy isn’t the right method for people with the disease or psychiatric disorder of being trans”
  • On lesbians: “I’m not entirely sure there’s sex without penises. There’s not really lesbians, there’s just women we like to watch in porn” 
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