We want another RexB stop at the BCC

Do you know how hard you’re making it for us to get to class?

We all know Rutgers’ bus system is less than reliable – and that’s putting it lightly. But the issues behind the infamous RexB have really become a problem.

With the additional mayhem currently happening on Busch as a result of even more construction, getting to the RexB on time is nearly impossible, especially since it only makes two stops on campus.


Living on Busch, I hear my fellow students ask nearly 10 times a day: “Why doesn’t the RexB stop at BCC?”

Busch Campus is the largest campus here at Rutgers New Brunswick, so it’s hard to understand why the only bus to take you cross campus does not stop at the university’s largest student center.


Although the RexB does make it’s stop in one of the highest traffic areas on Busch – the Hill Center and Allison Road Classroom Buildings – it still fails to accommodate more than half of the Busch student population by NOT stopping at the Busch Campus Center.

These two stops, which are pretty much in the same area anyway, forces all RexB riders to plan additional routes just to get to class. Some of us are lucky enough to be within a reasonable walking distance of the stops, but others must take another bus to catch the RexB.

When we struggle to get across campus enough as it is, why make it any more difficult for us by making us leave 30 minutes early to catch a bus?


We want another RexB stop at BCC, now.


Rutgers University