I worked in retail on Thanksgiving and Black Friday and it sucked

You do know you can, like, order things online, right?

Many people decide Thanksgiving and Black Friday are the best days to go shopping. After all, that’s when all of the sales are.

What they seem to overlook, though, is the fact that nearly all of the sales they would be getting in store are also available online. This means you don’t have to wait in long lines in the freezing cold to get that new cheap TV. You can just fucking order it.

I was one of the lucky people who got to work in retail on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. I work at Sears on Route 1 right behind Cook Campus. I assumed it wouldn’t be too bad because we are never that busy. Well, I was wrong.


People were there in packs, and they made a damn mess. I worked in the “home fashions” department, so obviously everyone needs to open every curtain and comforter and blanket they see. Reading the label with the size is just too damn hard. Honestly, it would have been fine if they didn’t just leave them lying around for me to fix.

I would have liked to spend Thanksgiving with my family or friends, but instead I spent it folding blankets and towels and shoving curtains back into bags.


That’s not even the worst part. Sears must not have hired a tech crew, because the cash register system went down during the middle of the day on Black Friday for hours.

Management didn’t even apologize over the PA system. Instead, they made the employees tell the customers we can’t check them out, even after they had waited in line with their merchandise. Bad move.


Luckily, Black Friday was one of my last days – I had given my notice a week earlier.

Here’s my advice when it comes to Black Friday shopping: stay in your home. Don’t even get dressed if you don’t want to, open your laptop and order your shit online. It makes life easier for everyone.


And as far as Sears, its best and probably only positive quality will continue to be that students can park in the parking lot for free if we don’t feel like spending money on a pass.

Rutgers University