RU students launch Holy Shirt thrift shop on College Ave

Those who donate to the food pantry will receive a 10 percent discount in the store

An international non-profit organization called Enactus is helping business leaders at Rutgers launch Holy Shirt, a thrift shop located just off College Ave.

But Holy Shirt is more than just the perfect place to take your friends thrift shopping.

The shop supports an important local food pantry that feeds over one thousand families in the Rutgers area.


Students of Enactus have been working tirelessly to get all of the clothes on the racks and to maximize the store’s potential to feed families in need.

Sam George, the project manager, said: “It’s amazing to see something that was once so in need of help be transformed into a fully functional and successful operation, and be able to say that you played a part in that transformation.”

President of Enactus David Shah expressed the passion the club has for Holy Shirt.

“Every dollar we make gets one more piece of food to feed one more family.”


The goal for this year is to turn Holy Shirt into a recognizable place that joins the Rutgers community, the city of New Brunswick and New Jersey as a whole in the fight against hunger.

Project manager Sriniketh Gande said: “Fellow Rutgers students can give back by donating clothes, shoes and any other sellable items to the thrift shop. They can also donate unopened food to the food pantry.”

Sriniketh also notes students who donate food to the pantry will receive a 10 percent discount to use in the thrift shop.


The students of Enactus are business-savvy and plan to create a successful marketing, finance and operations scheme for Holy Shirt. But they won’t stop there.

The organization is working on other projects as well. One is called “Youth Empowerment Services” (Y.E.S) and functions as a non-profit organization extending help to at-risk youth in the New Brunswick area.

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