Derby Days is more than just girls and glitter

It’s FTK

If you’re not in one of the seven social sororities or in the fraternity Sigma Chi, you probably have no idea what Derby Days are. You may not even care, but you should.

First off, let’s define Derby Days for all of you non-Greeks.

Derby Days is an annual week-long event where seven sororities compete for points in a few different categories: fundraising, field events, an auction, “minute-to-win-it,” a banner competition and the culminating event, a ten minute dance. Why does this happen?


First of all, it’s a social event. One that is very strategically planned by Sigma Chi – it’s really genius of the boys if you think about it. The ratio is insane. About 80 brothers to 840 girls, give or take.

The brothers of Sigma Chi and the sisters of the sororities spend a lot of time together because for over two months, each sorority works with ten brothers to design and create a 10-minute dance. Last Saturday night, all seven dances were unveiled to a packed house in the Livingston gym.


Parents, family, friends and fellow Rutgers students all gathered to watch the dances. The dances are neat because each has a theme like Disney cartoons, Apps and others. Everyone was ready to finally put their game faces on with costumes and their super skilled dance moves.

But the ultimate goal is to not to meet new people or create a dance, but to raise money – a lot of money – for the kids. FTK.


Sigma Chi brother Myles Sepulveda said: “I mean really, what I think it is is that we recognize that we’re all really fortunate to be living the lives we do and that there are some people that aren’t as fortunate as we are.

“We know we’re capable of making an impact in the lives of those less fortunate than us, like the children that CMNH supports.

“And because of that, we want to use the abilities we have to provide them with opportunities to live happy and healthy lives.”


This year, Sigma Chi Derby Days raised over $220,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The hospitals not only help kids who are suffering from diseases, but they also help children recover from traumatic experiences and early births.

The money raised from Rutgers students will go towards the local chapter of CMNH, right in New Brunswick.

Phi Mu team captain Alana Safrin said: “Raising money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is important because the funds are donated to a local hospital right down the street, Children’s Specialized Hospital of New Brunswick, and therefore we get to see the direct impact it makes on families in our community.


“All the proceeds go towards research and training, purchasing equipment, and paying for uncompensated care. Derby Days shows how members of Greek Life can unite for one cause and make an everlasting difference in the world.”

But even if philanthropy isn’t your thing, it’s always great to show support for your Rutgers peers by attending the lip sync.


In my opinion, the lip sync is only second to the thrill and excitement of Rutgers’ football games.

Plus it’s cheaper than going to a movie, and it ends right in time to head out on the town on a Saturday night.

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