How to make the best last-minute Halloween costumes

RU ready for Halloweekend?

The countdown to Hallo-weekend has begun.

With the spooky event just around the corner, anxiety has kicked in as college students everywhere begin to panic, not only about the midterms they aren’t going to study for all weekend, but about what I like to call “costume procrastination.”

People don’t recognize the pressure that comes from having to plan out multiple, original costumes for the weekend without being basic. And please, try to avoid this at all costs.

Having three or four costumes for one weekend can add up financially if you go to a pricey costume shop.

You’re in luck, because I’m about to drop some sick costume ideas for both genders that are sexy, funny, cheap and effortless for all of you last minute halloweenies.

A ‘trap queen’

Ladies, make the guys say “Hey, what’s up, hello” with the super simple and punny “trap queen” costume.

Wear a cute dress with some heels and accessories to match as if it wasn’t Halloween and you’re going out to a party. A dress with sleeves or a looser fit would turn out better with the props you need to use.

At the local hardware store, get two or three mousetraps to clip on to any part of the dress that is loose. Be careful not to pinch yourself. We’ve all seen a cheesy sitcom episode where someone gets their hand or foot stuck in a mousetrap, and although it may have been acting, I’m sure it really freaking hurts.

To top it all off, pick up a costume tiara to crown your royal self as a “trap queen.”

The Riddler

For those of you who are comic fanatics, dress up as The Riddler with little or no effort using clothes right out of your own closet.

All you need is a cane, a white button down shirt, a purple tie, a green pair of pants, a jacket and a piece of purple cloth – you can get this from an old t-shirt or a fabric store – and lastly an elastic band for the mask. Finish off the look with some Converse sneakers and you’ve got yourself a last minute costume.

For the mask, cut the purple fabric into two diamonds with holes in the middle for your eyes. Punch one hole at the left corner of one diamond and another hole at the right corner of the diamond to feed the elastic band through. Tie the band together and voila, your DC comics character costume is complete.

Tip: To spice up the outfit, you can add the Riddler’s infamous question marks anywhere on your costume to really drive it home.

All or one of the seven dwarves

This is a unisex costume that could fit for a single costume or a group of seven.

All you need is a beanie, a plain colored t-shirt or crop top, shorts, fake white beards (unless you’re Dopey) and sneakers to pull off this easy, classic Disney character costume.

I would suggest some small props or designs on your clothing to distinguish which dwarf you are.

If you’re Sleepy, you could carry around a pillow. For Dopey, wear a purple beanie with a loosely fit olive-green shirt or dress. For Sneezy, carry around tissues. Bashful should put a shit ton of blush or red paint on your cheeks to look bashful. Doc is easy – just wear glasses at the end of your nose. For Happy, wear a yellow beanie with a brown or yellow shirt. And for Grumpy, you can just look angry for pictures. Hopefully people will get it.

To make it easier, you can always just wear name tags. For optimal Halloween spirit, I suggest you do both. But who am I to tell you how to live your life.

Track star

For all you guys or girls who don’t feel like buying anything, you could be a track star.

All you need is a tank top, athletic shorts, long socks, sneakers and some sweatbands, and you’ve got yourself probably the easiest costume on the planet.

And if you people don’t own any of these pieces of clothing, shame on you.

Circus lion tamer and his or her lion

This is another gender-neutral costume that can be done as a couple or solo costume.
For the lion-tamer costume, find a red blazer, black pair of pants and shirt or dress. If you choose to wear a black dress, pair it with black knee-highs and black boots. If you choose to wear pants, any black pair of shoes would match perfectly.

To tie it all together, get a whip and top hat and just as Britney says, you call the shots.

For the lion costume, it is just like any other basic cat costume complete with lion ears and a tail, but without spending a lot of money. All you need is a brown tutu, shirt, a pair of pants or shorts and brown, gold and black makeup to complete your lion costume.

Watch some makeup tutorials on how to make your face up like a lion and you are all set.

Naked cowboy or cowgirl

This costume is sexy, funny and patriotic all in one and will definitely have you in the running for best costume of the party.

If you’re a guy, all you need is a pair of cowboy boots, white spanks with the words “naked cowboy” on the butt, a guitar and a cowboy hat. Simple.

If you’re a girl, you need all of the same things as guys would. But if you don’t want to be fully naked, (I’m not judging you if you do) all you need is a red, white, blue or American flag patterned bandana with a strapless bra underneath and you’ve got the perfect costume.

If you think any of my tips were lame, feel free to add your own flair. Whatever you do, don’t spend an absurd amount of money for costumes you will only wear for one night.

Your money should be spent on better things – like alcohol and Ubers for the weekend.  Have fun, be creative and stay safe on the streets of New Brunswick.

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