Ohio State can’t take our Rutgers pride

‘You couldn’t tell who was a friend or foe, just a sea of scarlet red’

This won’t be your typical play-by-play game review of our ill-fated doom against Ohio State – ahem, the number one football program in the nation.

I want to talk about the thousands who filled the stadium to capacity. Because this weekend’s game was the first sold out game all season.

Fans gathered outside of High Point Solutions Stadium for the chance to scalp a ticket from some schmuck who had no intention of going to the most anticipated Big 10 match.

Let’s take it from Friday, shall we? Ohio State fans are known for being incredibly loyal to their team. They usually sell out every hotel within a 25-mile radius of the school they are playing. Wherever the team goes, they go. Talk about dedication.

Walking the streets of New Brunswick on Friday night, Ohio State fans made it a point to stand out with their team swag. They wanted to send the simple message: “Hey Rutgers, we’re here.” The fans flooded into the local pubs and visited the famous grease trucks featured on “Man Vs. Food” to eat their fill of Fat Cats.

Entering the stadium on Saturday very much felt like the Hunger Games. Everyone was dressed exactly the same and you couldn’t tell who was a friend or foe – just a sea of scarlet red.  Rutgers fans held up signs that read, “Students Today Scarlet Forever.”

You just wanted to melt being proud of your school and your team through thick and thin, and despite the final score.

The Ohio State Buckeyes beat us in a 49-7 win on Saturday. Since it was a night game, the stands were filled with people in sweaters, Snuggies, blankets, you name it.

The highlight of our Rutgers pride was our beloved team of reenactors, including Colonel Henry Rutgers who fired the cannon in celebration of our touchdown against OSU. Fireworks lit up the sky during halftime as people climbed over each other to score some chicken fingers and french fries from the concession stand, run mostly by fellow Knights.

Ohio State may have us beat in football, but following the game, New Brunswick was filled with true Knights of Rutgers’ past and present. We took to the streets in celebration, shouting RU RAH RAH, RU RAH RAH HOO-RAH.

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