We’re fed up with the construction on Busch

Please, get it together

The construction on Busch campus has turned it into a┬ádisaster zone. We’re all for improvements, but all of this construction is getting to be a little much.

Busch has never been as functionally or aesthetically “put-together” as our other New Brunswick campuses, but this rise in construction has made it look even more ridiculous.

The students who have had the pleasure (sarcasm intended) of either living on or traveling to and from Busch campus can all agree on how terrible the experience can be. But the addition of these new hazards has made traveling and getting to class an absolute nightmare.

And if getting around on foot wasn’t bad enough, this construction has not only blocked off the entrances to essential classroom buildings, but it has also delayed our ever so reliable and timely bus system (once again, sarcasm).

Having to redirect normal routes of travel because of the construction, more and more students have continuously been late to classes as a result. The construction has ultimately led to an increase in student frustration.

Now, if any of these issues weren’t enough to convince you this construction is hindering the productivity on Busch, let me remind you of the two gas leaks caused by the construction, one of which lasted almost three hours and left dorms inaccessible.

Overall, there is one question to be asked: getting around Rutgers is hard enough already, so why make it more difficult by adding even more chaos?

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