Your guide to day drinking before the Ohio State game

Sun’s out, bottles out

Day drinking, or more popularly known as “daging,” is a common ritual during football season and syllabus week. For me, daging is a necessary evil, especially before our big games.

Starting in the morning or midday, students religiously gulp down any alcoholic beverage found in a red Solo cup. Many participants prefer to drink when the sun goes down, but I have perfected the method of day drinking to ensure a good time, all while still being able to indulge in a 7pm fat sandwich – and without having to suffer from a grueling hangover the next morning.

This is your guide to daging, specifically before we face off against Ohio State tomorrow at 8pm.

The first and probably most important step of daging is making sure to overload on carbs prior to gulping down any beer or hard liquor. Trust me, eating that extra piece of bacon or slice of toast will go a long way.

If possible, eat eggs. Eggs are a good source of protein to help break down alcohol. Or try a banana to store up on vitamins and potassium before drinking. Think of day drinking in terms of a marathon: it is a long-lasting, difficult process that involves pacing and patience.

In order to pace yourself, adopt my second rule in terms of your choice of beverage. Always drink beer. Never drink hard liquor. Hard liquors do not necessarily get you drunk quicker, but they carry the risk of drinking more quickly.

It takes longer to drink six beers than six shots. Always space out the beers to avoid the dooming crash and hangover. Although tempting, save the mixed drinks, shots and keg stand for the evening hours and never, ever, ever mix forms of alcohol.

With this in mind, follow my third rule by making sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. As responsible and boring as it sounds, drink water throughout the day. Yes, it may offset the booziness, but at the end of the day it will prevent sloppiness, mistakes and a bad hangover.

The fourth stage is more of a preventative phase. Once you complete your daytime drinking adventures and devour a fat sandwich or slice of pizza – as well as all the greasiness these drunk foods entail – drink a Gatorade to rehydrate and to restore the lost electrolytes from the day.

As an extra precaution, have a bottle of water and Advil by your bedside for the morning. If you follow my other rules, neither of them will be needed.

The fifth and final step of day drinking – and, well, life – is to have fun. Proudly raise your red Solo cup in the air and embrace your daytime drunken glory. And hey, we’re college students so getting wasted anytime of the day is socially acceptable and expected of us. Right? Right.

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