OK, who is drawing pentagrams on Livi?

Just in time for Halloween

If you had class on Livingston yesterday, you probably saw the giant chalked pentagrams in front of the Livi Student Center. A girl was reportedly seen drawing the symbols the night before.

On the “Scarlet Knights” Snapchat story, a female Rutgers student said¬†she saw a girl drawing two large pentagrams on the sidewalk. The messages in the pentagram circles were written in Latin. One read, “ave satanas rege satanas vivat discordi,” which directly translates to “Hail Satan, Satan live the king discord.”

Of course, there’s something less sinister about the symbols and messages, seeing as they were drawn in pink and yellow chalk.

A Reddit thread is dedicated to the hunt for the pentagram artist, and Rutgers students are weighing in on possible explanations.

Who knows? Could be a Halloween hoax, or we could all be in an episode of “Supernatural.” Regardless, I’d stay away from anyone with¬†chalk dust on their hands.

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