Segregated housing is a huge step backwards for the black community

I’m looking at you Cal State LA

As of September 6, 2016, California State University L.A.(CSULA) has created a dorm for students oriented around the black community – something other colleges have done before.

This so-called “response to African-American student demands” begins an argument as to whether or not such a solution will benefit or drawback from the Black community.

There’s no doubt in my mind, this is a huge step backwards.

According to the College Candy, a list of demands was given to their President, William A. Covino. As we should appreciate his attempts to meet the needs of black students on campus, this has of course caused a major uproar as to whether or not Demand 13 was a good or bad thing for the students.

“Demand 13) The creation and financial support of a CSULA housing space delegated for Black students and a full time Resident Director who can cater to the needs of Black students.”

Since the beginning of racial discrimination against minorities, an urge to combine all races has been a continuous effort and battle within every day life – such as eating at the same restaurants, relationships, transportation and most importantly where people attend school.

We have had many icons fight for the liberties to work amongst several races without blinking an eye, but CSULA choosing to bring forth a path of segregation in the black community is only going to hurt Blacks more.

This is not protection, this is sheltering

It is said that following through with the Afrikan Black Coalition’s demand will “protect” the black students from small verbal jabs and racially insensitive remarks.

People are forgetting an important aspect of life here. No matter where one goes, someone will say something that may hurt your feelings or make you infuriated. It is inevitable. Life does not stop at college. It will happen at a bar, in the classroom, or even the workplace. Therefore, if CSULA and its students believe segregating students on terms of race is a way to stop racial comments from occurring, they are sadly mistaken.

Living amongst other races, ethnicities or religions builds character

At some point in one’s life, it is important to force yourself out of your comfort zone. Not to say that anyone should put themselves in a situation to feel uncomfortable – and “safe spaces” are in fact necessary for many students – but learning to surround yourself with students who are different from you will help you to expand your way of thinking.

It helps you to keep an open mind. You become more accepting.

Me and my roommates 2015 Christmas card/fake CD cover. K.A.A.B – Kay, Ali, Alexis, and Bri.

It is truly ignorant to think segregating California State University L.A.’s housing grounds will contribute to the growth and wellbeing of the students. If anything it is hurting the students, and it will do nothing but contribute to the repetition of history.

Rochester Institute of Technology