My roommate cut my hair off in my sleep

Every freshman’s worst nightmare

A cringeworthy surprise awaited me one morning during my freshman year.

A  freshly cut chunk of my hair, about the length of my ring finger, was found in my desk drawer. I was shocked, wondering how this could have possibly happened. Only one suspect came to mind – Carol.*

“She was really strange, but this was definitely the craziest thing she had ever done,” said my other roommate, Kieren.

Looked a little something like this

Before coming to college I was nervous about sharing a room with strangers. Maybe I had seen Single White Female too many times. Everyone seemed fine, but Carol’s personality was the complete opposite of mine. While I was loud, clean, and a night owl, she was quiet, messy and early to bed.

The strange behavior began early

Admittedly, there were some warning signs. She would forgo classes and showers to play games or Skype her boyfriend all day. “It was definitely weird, she became a hermit. I don’t know how someone can be on a Skype call for a whole day,” said Kieren.

She wouldn’t acknowledge my existence; completely ignoring me when I greeted her. I could never explain her hatred of me. She grew particularly cold as the semester went on.

Drunk stumbling may have been the cause

As I drunkenly navigated my quad at 3 a.m one morning, I likely made some noise to disturb Carol from her sleep. While I had no intention of waking her, something tells me this night inspired her to snip my hair.

I have no way of knowing it was Carol. I never got a confession or any other type of proof. I spent the next few weeks looking for clues to prove my suspicion. But before I could gather an inkling of clue, she was gone. No note, no notice. My RA told me that she had dropped out of school. She vanished along with my clipped hair.

She deleted me on Facebook

The situation left a lingering curiosity about her. I checked Facebook and noticed she had deleted me but remained friends with my other roommates. This to me was a sure sign everything was intentional.

As strange as my experience with Carol was, I look back at this experience and laugh. It’s a good story to tell at parties. This should not be a horror story used to terrify incoming freshman, but a warning that as crazy as it may seem, things like this can happen. And hey, hair grows back.

Rochester Institute of Technology