Federal Judge dismisses Title IX suit filed by gay, ex-graduate student at Princeton

The plaintiffs have filed an appeal

United States District Judge Peter Sheridan recently granted a motion filed by Princeton University to dismiss a Title IX lawsuit concerning a former graduate student who identifies as gay.

In his opinion, Sheridan noted that plaintiff did not provide a substantial number of specific facts to establish sex discrimination, retaliation, breach of contract, and other claims. Three of the four claims were dismissed with prejudice, meaning that the plaintiff is barred from filing another similar case.

"There are no facts showing that women are treated preferably," Sheridan wrote, adding later that the Court did not find that plaintiff has "plausibly shown the University was indifferent."

The student, who was not identified in the lawsuit, had alleged that Princeton failed to take his complaint seriously because he was assaulted by another male student. Additionally, he claimed that Princeton violated its own policies by refusing to take remediation measures when fell behind in his studies. He also claimed that was subject to sexual harassment, stalking and retaliation charges.

The plaintiff allegedly attempted to commit suicide on Mar. 24, 2015, and was expelled in June 2015. He had been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder at the time.

Princeton University had filed a motion to dismiss the case in April 2017. Part of the brief read that it was the student named as the defendant, not Plaintiff, who first came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. A hearing in June 2017 resulted in both sides redacting identifiable information concerning both parties.

Prior to redaction, a court document pertaining to the case indicated that the male student listed as a defendant was a SHARE peer. Additionally, it was revealed that when he was assaulted, the plaintiff was suffering from testicular cancer, which the university disciplinary committee in charge had negligently disclosed.

The plaintiffs have submitted an appeal to the Third Circuit Court.

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