Tributes to be paid to Professor of Political Economy Uwe Reinhardt

The health economics giant and instructor of ECO100 passes away at age 80

Esteemed James Madison Professor of Political Economy Uwe Reinhardt passed away Tuesday due to an undisclosed illness, Medscape reported. The University confirmed this information and noted that more details will be forthcoming.

Reinhardt, a giant in health economics, taught ECO100, or Introduction to Microeconomics, a prerequisite for economics and Woodrow Wilson School majors. He spoke out against trends of grade inflation that took place in the university before 2004. In 2001, a Daily Princetonian article stated that he was in favor of taking measures to reduce grade inflation while insuring that students have the numbers to be hired by competitive jobs. In the same story, he was quoted advocating for fewer assignments and more written feedback for students.

Dr Reinhardt was a president of the Association of Health Services Research. He is also a member of the Institute of Medicine. He appeared in a video in the midst of the 2016 presidential elections calling for Americans to vote for a leader who will focus on long-term health care for senior citizens.

Princeton University