Princeton students explain everything that’s on their college bucket list

Have you managed to finish the Prospect 11?

They tell us that we blink, and our four years here are over, that they come and go like trains. If this sage mantra holds true, it is important that our time here in the Orange Bubble is well spent, with bountiful memories of iconic celebrations, must-see monuments, and quintessential experiences. After all, when we leave Princeton, we’d like to say that we did more than just study (because who goes to school to study anymore!).

So don't worry – all the must-sees and have-to-dos have already been mapped out for you below. Our time here at Princeton is limited, a mere train stop on the track of life. Let’s see what you’ve got to experience before you leave Tiger station. I asked some students at different points in their Princeton careers: “What’s on your Princeton bucket list?”

Yasmin Abdillahi, 19, Class of 2020, potential Chemistry major

To find more fulfillment in her Princeton studies, Yasmin seeks to expand her campus to other parts of the world via study abroad. She is most interested in exploring other countries through the Global Seminar offered through Princeton. This program consists of seven immersive learning opportunities in foreign countries, so as to foster cultural awareness and educational exploration.

Wendy Ho, 19, Class of 2021, potential ORFE major

Freshman Wendy wants to find a way to climb atop Witherspoon Hall in pursuit of the beautiful balcony pictured above. A few weeks ago, she noticed two students relaxing on this veranda, and has since been on the lookout for the secret passageway. Whether she has to climb her way to the top or squeezing through a hidden window, she is determined to find the solution to this balcony puzzle. Moral of the story→ scope out a new spot to study or relax, and make an adventure out of it.

Michael Rodriguez, 18, Class of 2021, Potential major in Woodrow Wilson School

For many, the street scene is only truly lived when you’ve accomplished the “Prospect 11.” Michael says an upperclassman suggested he try this famous challenge – essentially, the goal is to have one beer in each of Princeton’s eating clubs in one night. On a more academic note, Michael also wants to take Peter Singer’s class on Practical Ethics, noting the professor is well known in the field of philosophy; his course has been widely praised by upperclassmen.

Tessa Alberston, 21, Class of 2020, Art History or Philosophy major

Abounding in the financial opportunities of Princeton, Tessa wants to win the Rhodes Scholarship. As Tessa describes it, this award essentially grants a student the money needed to do whatever they desire over a summer. Her friend, for instance, explored Europe via music festivals on a theater trip, and worked an internship for the theater company.

Ariana Mirzada, 21, Class of 2018, Near Eastern Studies major

Already checked off her bucket list is a genuine connection to a professor- so genuine, in fact, that she even got to cat sit for said professor! Michael Berry taught a course on Afghanistan. Feeling a personal relation to the course as an Afghan, Ariana frequently conversed with her professor, met with him at Panera, and even once looked after his cat while he was away on a trip to Paris.

Manolo Torres, 19, Class of 2020, BSE Computer Science major

Meaningful service is a constant item on Manolo’s bucket list. The most recent form of this service came from his experience as a Community Action, or CA, leader. It was a learning experience from two angles- he helped low-income families in attaining affordable housing, and connected with 11 Princeton freshmen through intimate bonding and growth exercises. I can personally attest to the lasting friendships that have come out of this trip.

Will Brown, 19, Class of 2020, History major

Will has been trying to join a new club every semester. From the ping pong league, to the Southern Society, he’s joined it all. This feat allows him to get a taste of each of the different types of extra curricular programs Princeton offers. And take it from me – there isn’t anything Princeton doesn’t have!

Ally Dalman, 19, Class of 2020, ORFE major

Ally recalls that a student once told her to try to take a class in every single hall of Princeton before graduating. Although virtually impossible, this goal can force you to try to branch out of your major and test out classes in new fields. Ultimately, this is a sure way to take advantage of the many spectacular views in the place you now dub home. Princeton’s scenic campus is like no other – enjoy it while you can.

Harrison Davis, 21, Class of 2018, Music major

Nearing the end of his Princeton career, Harrison is determined to check a few last things off his bucket list. As a fan of basketball, he wants to win an intramural basketball tournament, hopefully alongside some good friends, as a memorable farewell experience at Princeton. He also hopes to attend more McCarter theater shows before leaving; he recently saw the Triangle Club show, and hopes to attend their November performance.

Mohamed Eldirany, 20, Class of 2018, Computer Science major

Mohamed recalls a mission already completed, but nonetheless one that serves as an iconic moment in his Princeton career – taking out Jeff Nunakowa, the former head of Rockefeller College and English professor, for lunch. Mohamed claims Jeff is explicably energetic, and his experience with him over lunch was indescribable; only over lunch can one fathom Jeff’s greatness.


So whether you’re fresh off the train to the Orange Bubble, or you’re almost ready to board for your next stop in life, be sure to test out some of the above experiences prior to singing Old Nassau one last time. These adventures earn you the stripes of a true Tiger.

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