Daily Princetonian dissolves Editorial Board

Former member claims it is due to Board’s conservative views

Daily Princetonian editor-in-chief Sarah Sakha announced Tuesday that the Prince will dissolve its Editorial Board, and that the paper’s senior editors will write unsigned editorials, along with a new board.

“The new Editorial Board will pen editorials in response to important matters that primarily impact our community, when exercising an institutional voice is appropriate. These will be unsigned when a consensus is established,” Sakha wrote in the Prince’s opinion section.

The Prince’s Editorial Board was an independent group that would publish unsigned editorials on behalf of the newspaper, whereas senior editors and writers publish unsigned editorials at many other newspapers.

“The current Managing Board, after consulting with editors, staff, and the ‘Prince’ Board of Trustees, has decided to return to a more traditional model that includes some of the most experienced members of the organization,” Sakha wrote.

A representative of the Editorial Board declined to comment for this article.

Sakha and associate opinion editor Nicholas Wu also declined to comment.

(Disclosure: Tab Princeton editor Jessica Li was previously a news editor at the Prince. She did not participate in the writing or editing of this article.)

The Editorial Board had taken a conservative bent in recent years. For example, it published pieces last year railing against the Women*s Center’s events promoting sexual pleasure; the University’s gender-neutral language guidelines; and ODUS funding of the Immigration Day of Action.

Zach Horton, a Princeton alumni from the class of 2015 and a former member of the Editorial Board, criticized the decision in a Facebook post and claimed that the decision was made over political differences.

“The EIC of the Daily Princetonian has dissolved the newspaper’s independent Editorial Board in a brazen attempt to stifle views contrary to progressive orthodoxy," Horton wrote.

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