The Princeton Club in NYC has changed the name of the Woodrow Wilson room

It’s now called Nassau 1756

New York’s Princeton Club has renamed the Woodrow Wilson dining room to “Nassau 1756.”

This follows the November 2015 protests which saw President Eisgruber’s office occupied in a debate over Wilson’s legacy.

Princeton’s response has been mixed in stripping Wilson’s name from campus – they kept the name of the school, but removed a mural. The Princeton Club has followed suit – it has changed the name of a dining room, but from the look of their site, a painting of Wilson still hangs in the club (see above photo).

A marketing blurb on their site confirms Nassau 1756 was “formerly known as the Woodrow Wilson Room” and will reopen next week.

1756 denotes the date the University moved to Princeton, New Jersey

We have contacted the Princeton Club for comment, and will update when they respond.

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