Board Committee makes recommendations for undergraduate dining

Breakfast on weekends, electronic system for Meal Exchange Program, 250 dining dollars for Block 95 buyers to come in fall of 2017

The Princeton University Board Plan Review Committee has made initial recommendations for dining option changes for undergraduates, according to Executive Director of Campus Dining Smitha Haneef and Dean of Rockefeller College Oliver Avens.

The Board, in conjunction with over 160 focus group student participants, made six major recommendations as below:

  • At no additional cost, Block 95 meal plan buyers will have 250 dining points that work like dollars to spend at nine campus cafés including Frist Food Gallery, Café Vivian, Witherspoon café, Woodrow Wilson School café, E-Quad café, Frick Chemistry café, Genomics café, Chancellor Green café and the Atrium café
  • Breakfast will be offered Saturday and Sunday in one residential college with same hours as breakfast during weekdays
  • A new dining information website will be launched to publicize dining options, including the “Lunch to go” option which Avens described as underutilized currently
  • Meal exchanges as a part of the Meal Exchange Program will be filed electronically in an upgraded system to preclude extraneous cost
  • More diverse, healthy food options will be available at Frist Campus Food Gallery
  • A standardized menu for late night snacks at residential colleges will be released, logistics are yet to come according to Haneef.

Avens also said that the committee is still looking into the option of expanding meal swipe options for independent students, a concern raised by some participants in the focus group. The committee will continue to explore longer term changes.

A pilot program that implements the recommendations above will be launched in fall of 2017. In addition, a board review committee for graduate students will be formed to barnstorm recommendations later this spring.

Princeton University