Richard Spencer reportedly escorted out of CPAC, denounced by conservative leaders

“The alt-right ain’t right at all”

Richard Spencer, an outspoken proponent of white nationalism, was removed from 2017 CPAC, according to CPAC spokesperson Ian Walters.

Spencer was spotted by crowds of reporters outside the Potomac Ball Room, the main conference center, minutes after American Conservative Union President Dan Schneider delivered an impassioned speech decrying Richard Spencer’s form of the “alt-right movement.”

During his interview with reporters, Spencer denounced Schneider’s characterization of his ideas as a “left wing, fascist movement.” Spencer accused the ACU president of not having properly conducted research about his ideas and thought that though embattled by the conservative establishment, his movement will prevail in the end.

Spencer further denied allegations that he is an anti-Semite, and said that he does not condone the recent sleuth of violent incidents against synagogues across the country. Furthermore, he said that he believes Steve Bannon to be more “open-minded” than president Trump, and that he is feeling less and less welcomed by CPAC. He further stated that he is considering running for office.

In response to an inquiry from the Tab about his message to those on college campuses who are instigating violence and harassment against minorities inspired by his ideas, Spencer stated that he is not aware of any event that occurred in his name. He further stated that he supports expression of all opinions by students. In response to a question from another reporter about whether he would endorse free speech for the KKK, Spencer replied “they can knock themselves out.”

As Spencer spoke to reporters, a man who goes by Grizzly Joe sprang into the crowd and repeated multiple times “get the fuck out of here.” On his Twitter, Grizzly Joe called Spencer the “alt-right POS.”

After Spencer attracted a crowd, ACU executive director Dan Schneider and ACU president Matt Schlapp also stood outside the ballroom and took questions from reporters.

In an interview with The Tab, Schneider stated that Spencer was not invited to CPAC and that he came on his own accord. Schneider further reinforced that Spencer is a man full of hatred in his heart and that what he espouses should not be confused with conservatism.

During his remarks, Schneider had characterized Spencer’s movement as one that is anti-Semitic, sexist, and pluralism hating.

“They despise everything we believe in. They are not an extension of conservatism,” Schneider said.

Spencer was reportedly stripped of his badge and escorted out of the building by CPAC officials.

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