It is morally unjustifiable to schedule finals on the last day of the semester

Who would do this to me

Every year, finals are stretched out over a week and a half. Of course, there is no good time to have a final, but some times are definitely worse than others. Here are the times you should be dreading above all others.


The day after Dean’s Date

All of your friends are going out on Dean’s Date and are trying to do the Prospect 11. They will get to collapse in their rooms, totally wasted the next morning. You will get to stay up all night too, but instead of partying, you’ll be studying for your exam. You won’t be able to enjoy the last night on the Street because you’ll be too busy studying things the prof won’t even put on the final.

So alone

So alone

The weekend

The weekend is a time for relaxing and procrastinating, not for taking exams. Taking exams on the weekend is awful, the weekend is a sacred time and should be respected as such. Weekend exams should be abolished.

The last day of exams

It’s Friday at 1:30 in the afternoon. You are ready to take a nap. All your friends are relaxing or packing to go home. You haven’t packed yet, because you’ve been studying for this stupid exam. You have to go through exams knowing that there is another one waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. The feeling of dread that accompanies these exams permeates all of reading week and finals.

If you get stuck with one of these times (or more), I’m sorry, we’re in the same boat. If not, congratulations. You got lucky.

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