Anti-Cruz ‘better dead than Ted’ campaign underway at Princeton

Ted Cruz is an ‘opportunistic con man with an estranged relationship with the truth’

Ted Cruz has continued to be one of Princeton students’ least favorite alumni as “better dead than Ted” posters have been plastered up around campus.

Flyers showing the ’92 graduate’s face covered the University Store and lampposts along Elm Drive last night.

“Ted’s a mess!” posters were also spotted by Tab reporters in Frist today.


Photo credit: Caroline Stafford

Photo credit: Cameron Kerr

Photo credit: Cameron Kerr

The site Better dead than Ted contains a petition where you can “voice your opposition” to the Cruz campaign. T-shirts are also on sale alluding Ted Cruz was the Zodiac Killer, for $15.

The petition explains: “Ted Cruz should not be America’s next president. In his career in politics, Ted has consistently shown himself to be an opportunistic con man with a estranged relationship with the truth and common political decency. His conduct throughout his political career is not becoming of a future president.”

Cruz came under fire this week after claiming law enforcement should secure Muslim neighborhoods in the wake of terrorist attacks in Brussels which killed 32 people, and wounded dozens.

More to follow.

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