BREAKING: Nassau Hall surrounded by late night protests as U. threatens discipline

#OccupyNassau protesters told they will be in violation if they remain in President’s office

This evening the Black Justice League’s #OccupyNassau sit-in continued in President Eisgruber’s office and spawned protests around campus.

For live coverage of today’s protest activities, including footage of President Eisgruber’s public response to the BJL’s demands, click here.

Peaceful #OccupyNassau protests broke out in front of Nassau Hall tonight, following university threats of disciplinary action against participants of the Black Justice League’s sit-in.

Roughly 20 protesters chose to remain in President Eisgruber’s office after the university threatened disciplinary action against participants who remained in Nassau Hall past close.

The doors are locked and no additional protesters will be permitted to enter. Many protesters report planning on sleeping outside Nassau Hall. Public Safety officers also began occupying the building.


Public Safety officers have been stationed inside Nassau Hall

Earlier this evening, Dean of Undergraduate Students Kathleen Deignan made the following announcement just after 5pm to members of the sit-in:

“I wanted to let you all know that the building is now closing. The President’s suite is closing.

“And I would like to urge you all to gather your personal belongings and please leave the building. If you choose to remain in the building, you will be in violation of university regulations according to Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities, and you may be subject to disciplinary action.

“So, I want to give you all a little time to think about what I just said, it’s just a little bit after five, and I will come back in a short while.”

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She added that Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities designates specific areas on campus for protests and that the President’s office is not one of them.

Protesters asked what the consequences would be if they did choose to violate the rule and remain in the building after hours. She said that Princeton’s Judicial Committee would hold a hearing and make a decision, and that she didn’t know off the top of her head who serves on that committee.

A video of the Dean’s statement and some of the protestors’ responses can be seen on the student’s Facebook page, which she volunteered for public viewing, here.

After the statement, Dean Deignan fielded additional questions from the protestors and said that were they to occupy the steps in front of Nassau Hall, they would not be in violation:

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