How I felt visiting Pitt post-grad

I never thought my heart would yearn for Cathy so much

The weekend before the fourth of July, my graduated self hopped on a plane and headed back to where I had left my heart a few months before: Oakland. I was expecting to have a magical time and never want to leave again. I was going to see dear old Cathy and visit with some friends who were still enrolled. It was going to be an amazing week.

Of course, I visited all the best bars. Bootleggers, G Door, Mario's in Southside, Trixie's. I sat in Schenely Plaza and literally stared at Cathy for, like, an hour. I went to Cargenie Library just to be there. I ate at Pamela's. I wandered Schenley Park in search of my inner child.

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I did all the things I used to do at Pitt that made me happy- that made Pitt what it was to me. I still miss taking classes in Cathy and Posvar and getting coffee before my 10am because that's too early. I miss passing friends in the crosswalk and eating in Market. I miss it all, but now it's just a memory.

Being there in the middle of the summer, after the majority of my friends had left forever really cleared things up for me. It was quiet and lonely here now. I had a few friends and all the same places to go, but without all of the people I shared it with, Pitt wasn't Pitt anymore.

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At the end of the day, I'm glad I was able to rid myself of (most of the) yearning I had to go back. The time has come for me to move on. And next month, I'll be moving to Colorado and starting my new life there. I can't wait.

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