Here are some of the best resources, both on and off campus, to help recent grads and current Pitt students find the perfect job fit

Freaking out? Don’t worry, we got you

Time flies when you're having fun… Wait. College is almost over? We are already in the countdown towards graduation in April! We are heading towards the end of the semester, and we all have crippling debt that we only have so much time to resolve. Whether you like it or not, you will soon be adulting, or at least trying to, in the 'real world.' That's right, the scary place we have all been dreading. So to combat some of your stresses of what the future may hold, here are some helpful hints of where to start your career search.

Whether you are a recent grad, graduating in April, or a current student at University of Pittsburgh who needs to find an internship to build experience, these tools will help you find a well-fitting position based off your professional goals and prior work experience.

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Pitt Career Development and Placement Assistance Center

This may seem like an obvious place to start your job hunt, but many students do not take full advantage of all of the services offered through Pitt's Career Development Center.

Through the center, you can set up a resume and cover letter review session to help you stand out from other candidates in the application process as well as see networking and career fair event announcements updates. Additionally, you can schedule a personalized career exploration appointment meeting or simply stop by during walk-in hours.

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Handshake — Career Management:

In order to log into University of Pittsburgh's Handshake online portal, log into and scroll down. On the right hand side bar there will be a "Career Management" tab. This is where companies will post job and internship specifically for recruiting solely to Pitt students.

Students can set up interview time slots and meetings directly with employers through Handshake! Also, when looking for openings, you can personalize your job searches by various filters: jobs matching your experience based off qualifications, location, job type, etc.

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Do you love college so much that you don’t want to leave after graduation? You can make that happen! Search PittSource for careers at the University of Pittsburgh. Not only are their part-time student positions- but also staff, faculty, and temporary positions listed here too, for all of the different campuses.

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As you may know, LinkedIn is a business employment social media platform mainly used for professional networking purposes, although it has many other practical features as well.

LinkedIn Salary offers personalized salary range expectations. This is not your typical salary calculator. They specially base estimations off of cost of living in your given location, job title, company, and more. You can apply to jobs directly through the EasyApply LinkedIn feature which is so easy! This social networking platform allows users to showcase their work experience on their profile to employers who view your page.


With this website, you can research company reviews and ratings from current and previous employees. This gives an inside look on what it may be like to work at your prospective job place including aspects like company culture and benefits.

Glassdoor can also be useful when prepping for your interviews. Find commentary on interview expectations and processes explained by other people who have applied for positions there in the past.

Using these five tools, job hunting can be a just a litte bit easier. Everyone struggles with the job search post-grad, but with these websites and on-campus resources it can be made a lot (or just a little bit) easier.

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