Stop what you’re doing and download Rave Guardian, the only campus safety app you need on your phone

No more scary night walks through South Oakland

The University of Pittsburgh has partnered with Rave Guardian, a safety app that allows students to receive police alerts, send anonymous tips to police, call Pitt Police and call 9-1-1.

The app offers users the ability to set a timer for when they walk home, easy access to police, as well as set contacts or "guardians" to contact in case of emergencies. Last semester, Pitt students reported several concerning issues regarding safety, from Daniel Dintino harassing women on campus, to robberies at gas stations, and the death of a fellow Panther.

Part of being safe is having easy access to the police and making sure your friends and family are updated on your whereabouts, Rave Guardian is the best app to make sure you stay safe on campus.

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Safety Timer

The app also has what is called a "Safety Timer." This feature sends a notification to Pitt Police when you are in a situation which feels uncertain for instance walking home alone at night or meeting someone for the first time.

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The "Maps" feature shows you and your friends where you are located. This way if something goes wrong, Pitt Police and your designated friends and family know where to find you.


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Even better, the app lets you assign "Guardians" from your contact. Guardians are people who you choose to be notified of your location when you activate a safety timer. Just be sure to turn off your timer when you are safe, as it sends an alert to your guardians and school once it expires. You can also message your guardians in the app, both directly and in a group message.

Connect to Pitt Police

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Finally, the app automatically connects to your school. This means that Pitt Police will always be notified when you are feeling unsafe and will be able to locate you.

If you're wondering if the app works, I can personally verify that it does. As I was scrolling through it, I accidentally set a safety timer and did not deactivate it (because I didn't realize I had set it). Pitt Police received an alert and immediately called to confirm that I was OK.

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