Female Pitt students share their stories of being harassed on campus by Daniel Dintino

‘He followed me from the McDonald’s all the way to the gas station on McKee before he left me alone’

Last night around 7pm, Pitt Police arrested Daniel Dintino on Idlewild Street in Homewood for harassing women on Pitt's campus.

Earlier this week, several students reported being harassed by a man named Daniel Dintino. He was seen at Market an Hillman impersonating a Pitt student in order to solicit information from women.

After a photo of Dintino circulated around campus, female students began coming forward to share their disturbing encounters with him.

According to these students, Dintino has been coming up to women on campus since June.

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Abbey, Junior

I was at the bigelow bus stop in front if the WPU last Friday. Unfortunately he was to the right of me and he randomly turns to me and says, "My girlfriend just broke up with me." I responded saying, "Oh that sucks" but nothing else. He said, "Yah… So I'm looking for a rebound."

I told him, "Oh I don't do that uhh I am not interested" and I turned away to stop talking to him but he kept going and asked if I went to Pitt. I said yes, then my major and he said he was a Pitt student and that he was studying criminal justice. I tried to turn away again, but he asked, "Hey would it be awkward if I gave you my number?"

I told him I wasn't interested, but he still asked what bus I was getting on. I regrettably told him I was getting on the 71D. He originally told me he was getting on the 71C, but when the 71D arrived, he said, "I don't mean to be awkward but I'm actually getting in this one, it makes more sense."

I didn't even respond and I speed walked up to my friend who was on the bus and sat by her and felt so blessed for safety. He sat somewhere on the back of the bus.

Margot Cohen, Senior

In June, I was sitting in the quad waiting for a friend to come get me and he sat down and started talking to me and asking me questions about myself.

He told me he was going to start working at the Starbucks and that he transferred to Pitt. He was asking me things about myself and telling me he had the same interests. He then asked for my number and I said no just as my friend luckily pulled in to pick me up.

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Hailey Smith, Senior

Last Tuesday around 6pm I had just picked up dinner from Sushi Fuku and was walking home down Forbes Avenue. I smoke cigarettes (bad, I know) but he approached me and asked if I could spare a cigarette so I said sure and gave him one, expecting that that was all he wanted. He continued to walk beside me and make small talk.

I didn’t want to be rude but then he said, "I don’t normally pay people compliments, but you have really beautiful eyes. I’d love it if I could get your number."

I told him that I couldn’t give him my number because I don’t know him and he responded, "Well you could get to know me." I then pulled the 'I have a boyfriend' card. To which he responded, "Well can’t we just be friends?" And I said "No, I’m sorry but I don’t know you and I’m not interested in being friends, I just was trying to be nice and lend you a cigarette."

He got upset and I saw a Pitt police car across the street and I told him that if he didn’t turn around and walk away that I would go get an officer and then he turned around and left. He followed me from the McDonald's all the way to the gas station on McKee before he left me alone.

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Maisha, Senior

Over the summer, I was walking down Forbes and he was walking the opposite direction. He stopped me and said, "Excuse me do you mind if I say I love your exotic look?"

I was wearing a western style dress. I said "okay," and kept walking. That's when he turned around and started walking with me and said he was new in town and wanted my number so I could tell him about Oakland. I said I didn’t have time. He kept walking with me.

I had to ask him to “please leave me alone because I’m going to have lunch with my boyfriend” and he said okay and finally left.

Madison Miller, Freshman

I was studying in the library on Saturday and the guy came up to me and asked me if I went to Pitt (note that I was also wearing a Pitt shirt). I said yeah and he said, "I've seen you around" and then walked away.

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Michalina Templin, Sophomore

Tuesday night around 8pm, I was walking down Forbes on my way to Dunkin Donuts before meeting a friend to study. I was waiting to cross South Bouquet when a man came up to me and asked “Hey don’t you go to Pitt.” I said yes and he asked my name which I told him and he told me his name was Daniel.

He told me he used to work at Starbucks and he “remembers seeing me in there all the time this year.” I’ve only been to Starbucks on campus twice this year so I thought that was kind of weird. He then proceeded to ask if I wanted to get coffee, and I told him that I was on the way to meet a friend to study. He then asked if I wanted to hang out later tonight and if he could “drop his number in my phone.” He gave me his number, told me to call him, and then started walking the opposite way down Forbes.

I kept on my way to Dunkin thinking about the strange encounter. Not even 30 seconds later I was in Dunkin about to place my order when a Pitt Police officer came in looking for someone. He gave a description of who he was looking for, a description that seemed like Daniel, the man that had just stopped me outside.

The officers searched the Dunkin Donuts and left. After I got my coffee, I noticed that everyone in there seemed pretty disturbed. I asked what was going on and a girl told me that they were looking for a guy that has been stopping girls on Forbes and trying to get their information and asked them to hang out. Chills went through my body as I realized that I had just encountered this man.

I immediately called campus police and told them what had happened. I found out a little bit later that this had been going on a lot recently with this man Daniel. Living in South Oakland I am already very cautious of my own safety, but this happened right on Forbes which was surprising to me.

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